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Leaky Homes Are Inefficient, Uncomfortable, & Unhealthy

Why Does That Matter?

  1. Air Leakage is typically the largest driver of energy use in the home, comprising 30%-70% of energy wasted on heating and cooling.
  2. Air Leakage is usually the biggest contributing factor for drafts, hot/cold spots, and other comfort issues in the home.
  3. Air Leakage is often the largest contributor to moisture problems, especially mold and mildew.


Air Sealing is Vital to an Efficient, Durable, & Healthy Home

  1. Air Sealing is arguably more important than most other energy-efficiency measures.
  2. Leaky homes also require larger HVAC systems that run more frequently to keep up with temperature changes as outside air leaks into the house.
  3. Moisture is transferred primarily by air currents, accounting for up to 98% of all water vapor movement in buildings.  This makes air sealing essential.
  4. Leaky houses also allow dust, allergens, pollutants and other airborne particulates to enter the home, leading to poor indoor air quality.
  5. Reducing air leakage with AeroBarrier is the most cost-effective way to cut heating and cooling costs, improve durability, increase overall comfort, and create a healthier indoor environment.