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Solar, ERV's, & More


Energy Recovery Ventilators

Technology has advanced considerably to help increase the quality of air in our homes.  

  • Traditionally, the fresh air in our homes has crept in from little gaps and cracks in our walls and is accelerated when a bath fan or kitchen exhaust fan is turned on.  With technologies like AeroBarrier, all of those little gaps and cracks can be closed off and the air that comes in can be on your terms. 
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators bring in fresh filtered air and exhaust out stale air.  They do this while recovering the heat (or AC) you paid for.  We can provide options from Panasonic, Build Equinox, and Zehnder.
  • Let us know what your need is- we'd love to hear about your proje

Solar Power

Once your house is energy efficient you'll need fewer solar panels to match your usage.  We offer RGS Powerhouse solar roof shingles, Roof and Ground Mounted Solar options.

Thermal Imaging

We offer solar imaging to help find deficiencies in your insulation and air leaks.  As a licensed and insured residential contractor, we can also fix what we find.

Much More

As a licensed and insured residential contractor we can help you with your project.  Energy Efficiency is our passion, please contact us with your ideas.

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Ortonville, Michigan 48462, United States